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    The first Carmelites arrived at Abbeville in 1636, coming from Amiens. Indeed, the Carmel of Amiens was founded on 14 May 1606 under the name of Teresa of Avila, marking a religious revival after a long period marked by the wars of religion.
The community is experiencing a boom and soon, the number of applicants is reached. It must therefore spread:

  • In 1625, six nuns set out on the community of Saint-Denis,
  • In 1636, 10 nuns arrived in Abbeville,
  • In 1641, six nuns went to Compiegne.

So it was that in 1636 the Order of the Carmelite of Jesus Maria was founded in Abbeville, in the Rue Saint-Gilles.

 During the revolutionary period, the Carmelites were forced to leave the Rue St. Gilles, but try to continue their religious life despite the prohibitions. The buildings of the convent are denatured. In part destroyed, they welcome such a prison, a court or a police station (site of the current court). The few remains have disappeared in the 1940 bombing.

Given the impossibility of regaining the old monastery, the religious should rent a house, then part of the former convent of the Carmelites of St. Peter's Square (current place Clemenceau, hence the street name of the Carmelites). It was only in 1818 that the opportunity to find a permanent place for living according to the rule appears: the former Capuchin monastery, the seventeenth century, left its occupants and assigned to an individual as well as national the Revolution is for sale.
It is in these buildings that they are acquiring the Carmelites settled from 1821. Heavy work be done: there is no chapel, buildings are not in good condition and the essential fence is almost nonexistent.

The nuns there remain until their departure from Abbeville in 1998. The City is doing so acquired the property Abbevillois thus offering the opportunity to experience this extraordinary heritage group, and the installation of the Heritage House. The beautiful cloister now used for exhibitions, conferences refectory.

After several years of waiting, the Carmel of Abbeville (17th and 19th centuries) is finally listed as a Historic Monument in the fall of 2021. The site is concerned in its entirety: convent buildings, chapel, gardens, outbuildings, walls Closing. Only the Maison des Tourières (the current caretaker's accommodation), dating from 1934, is only protected for its roof and facades.

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