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A "folie" was in fact at one time, a "home field" that is to say, a rich country residence, a vacation home for the wealthiest families.

Built by Abraham Van Robais from 1752 to 1754 on land acquired in 1751 outside the City walls half a league, it was only a small pavilion on one level, a "trifle" as liked to tell its owner. In 1763, the floor is added, and the terrace becomes a mansard roof, allowing to arrange the rooms.

The building is rectangular in shape with a front body in three sections at the front overlooking the Route de Paris and another front body with rounded sides on the front side gardens, the French park completed by a garden at the English on an area of ​​10 ha.

In 1793, Bagatelle was sold by André Van Robais Pierre-François Roze's uncle Jacques Boucher de Perthes Crevecoeur which we will soon hear about and bought in 1810 by François Gabriel Warnier de Wailly, his descendants remained owners up in 1998. the last of these Henri de Wailly, is the author of books about numbers Abbeville and its surroundings: "the coup de faux", "de Gaulle under the helmet" and also a book about Crécy 1346 story of a battle.

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