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Dynasty Van Robais by which we know the magnificent buildings in Abbeville begins in 1630 in Kortrijk with the birth of Josse Van Robais, son of a tailor in town. In 1652 he married his second wife Jeanne Brandt. Then began his career as manufacturing in Zeeland (Netherlands) and arrives at Abbeville in 1665 on the appeal of Colbert and the Kingdom of France. Because they are Protestants, the title of nobility will be denied them.

From their union was born Isaac Van Robais in 1654. This one wife in 1677 in France, Anne Robelin and then arrive five children:

• Junior Isaac Van Robais
• Pierre Van Robais
• Samuel Van Robais
• Salomon Van Robais
• Abraham Van Robais

It was Abraham Van Robais (grand-son of Josse therefore), born in 1698 who is at the origin of the new house and the Bagatelle castle. It is he who will work best for the factory and will reach its peak.

Abraham joins turn in Abbeville February 14, 1724 to Mary Magdalene Dumoustier, daughter of Jacques Dumoustier of Vatre, then secretary of the King. This new union were born four children:

• Josse Van Robais Abraham (1724-1788)

• Jacques Isaac Van Robais (1725-1788)

• André Van Robais (1726-1806)

• Madeleine Judith Van Robais (1729-1780)

Josse Abraham Van Robais continue to turn the work of his father and his illustrious ancestors until the decline of manufacturing.

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