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You will find below in alphabetical order all the streets of Abbeville with a brief explanation of their denomination, their location and a view of the street in question.

Thanks in particular to Mr. Paul Blache, assistant to the mayor in the 1970s, author of an earlier research on the etymology of the streets.


Abbé Carpentier

Abreuvoir (rue de l')

Albert Carette (rue)

Alfred François (rue)

Alfred Manessier (place)

Amiral Courbet (place de l'): Amédée Prosper Anatole Courbet was born on 26 June 1827 at 21 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville. Past Admiral commander-in-chief of the Tonkin expedition, he won several victories, notably off the Pescadores Islands. He died aboard his ship "Le Bayard" on June 11, 1885. cf. Amiral Courbet slideshow or article in the chapter Abbevilloise personalities

After his death, his sister had a monument erected in his glory, which was first inaugurated on the market square (see slide show on the evolution of the town hall square), then in 1957, when Reconstruction after the Second World War, to make way for the construction of the new city hall, he was transferred to his present place, not far from the place of his native house, unfortunately also destroyed during the bombing. He pointed to his old location.

Amour (Ruelle d')

Argilières (Rue des) 

Aristide Briand (Avenue)

Arsenal (Cité de l')

d'Artois (Impasse et rue )

Astronautes (Rue des)

Aubépines (Rue des)

Auvergne (Rue d')

Avignon (Rue d')


Babos (rue)

Barbafust (passage)

Bas à l'Heure (chemin de)

Bas Mesnil (rue du)

Basse de la Bouvaque (rue)

Bizet (cavée)

Blangy (ancien chemin de)

Bocquet (rue du)

Bois (chaussée du) 

Bois Laurette (voie du)

Bonaparte (place)

Borel (rue à)

Boucher de Perthes (rue et square)

Boucherie (passage de la)

Bouleaux (rue des)

Bourg du Vimeu

Bourgogne (rue de )

Bretagne (impasse de )

Briolerie (rue de la )

Burgess Hill (square)


Canotiers (chemin des)

Canteraine (rue)

Capucins (rue des)

Carmes (rue des )

Caserne (rue de la )

Cèdre bleu (résidence du)

128ème RI (rue du)

Cerisiers (rue des)

Chabaille (rue)

Champ de Foire (Avenue du)

Champ de Mars (rue du)

Champagne (rue de)

Chapelle (Avenue de la)

Charles Bignon (Avenue)

Charlet (Rue)

Charmes (Impasse des)

Chartreux (Grande rue des)

Chasserats (Rue)

Chateau d'Eau (Rue du)

Chaufour (Impasse du et Rue)

Chemin de Postes (Impasse du)

Cheminots (Cité des)

Chevalerie (Passage de la)

Chevalier la Barre (Rue du)

Cite Leday (Rue de la)

Clemenceau (Place)

Collier (Impasse)

Colombier (Rue du)

Colverts (Rue des)

Commanderie (Impasse de la)

Commerce (Voie du)

Coq Heru (Impasse du)

Cordeliers (Rue des)

Cour Ponthieu (Rue de la)

Crepin (Rue)

Cressonniere (Rue de la)

Crinquet (Impasse du)

Croix (Impasse de la)

Cytises (Rue des)


Dailly (Ruelle)

Dauphine (Rue du)

Deportes et Internes (Place des)

Deux Vallees (Route des)

Dit Ancien Chemin de Drucat (Cours)

Doullens (Route de)

Drapiers (Rue des)

Drucat (Route de)

Duchesne de Lamotte (Rue)

Dumont (Rue)


Eauette (Rue de l')

Edouard Branly (Rue)

Eglise (Impasse et Rue)

En Bas (Ruelle d')

Enfer (Impasse d')

Ent Rivieres Doigt et Nona

Epousee (Rue de l')

Erables (Rue des)

Ermitage (Impasse de l')

Ermitage (Rue de l')

Ernest Prarond (Rue)

Estienne-d'orves (Rue d')

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