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          Abbeville's bath-showers were built in 1909 on the initiative of the Caisse d'Epargne located Rue Sainte Catherine on the plans of the architects Greux and Marchand. The carved exterior decoration was provided by the sculptor Leclabart (1876-1929), who also produced the monument to the dead "les Patrouilleurs" and the stele at the Paul Delique Stadium.
The municipal administration had for a moment thought of installing them at the Halle aux Toiles. The purpose of the bath-showers was to improve the living conditions of the tenants of the workers' houses of the Caisse d'Epargne d'Abbeville. The property consisted of 4 bathrooms with bathtubs and 17 shower cubicles. Redeemed by the city in 1949, Les Bains Douches will run until 2005.

The building, built on a plot of the site of the former Saint-Joseph Cavalry Quarter, is constructed mainly of sand bricks with a sculpted stone pediment with plant and water motifs, and two masks with the features of Neptune , God of the sea, waters and springs. A little below, the water gushes and mixes with the frieze, recalling the soul of these places. Inside, the decoration is made exclusively of mosaics on the floor and on the walls, as well as interior stained glass windows signed for some by the master glass-maker Laigle.
The ceremony of laying the foundation stone on 17 July 1909 was presided over by Mayor Charles Bignon, accompanied by the deputies Henry Picquet and Bertin, after which the assistants went to the Hotel de la Caisse d'Epargne for the signature Of the minutes.

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