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Abbeville and sees his fate throughout its history a shield remodeled several times.

What was the evolution of the city's coat of arms, what heraldry and -t it mean?

I Art Heraldry

Heraldry is the science of heraldry ie the study of arms.

Appeared in the twelfth century in chivalry, it has spread throughout Western society and represents corporations, trades and finally expansion of cities and regions and finally countries

so I spend quickly on the history of heraldry and its very complex art to return to our beloved emblem ...

II The coats of arms of the city

     A The basic

The arms emblazon this:

                                                                      basic coat of arms

     • The shape of the shield

Here, ordinary or Old French form. Its shape will evolve to give the coat of arms "complex"

     • Enamels

Called "enamel" the colors of the coat of arms.

Divided into three categories, there are Metal, the colors themselves and Furs.

In our case, the metal is gold, color Azure (it is the "door" of the coat of arms). The fur is not represented on this one.

     • coats of arms

We will come back as long confusion is often found

Abbeville, capital of Ponthieu bears the coat of arms of counts of Ponthieu which it resumed BUT weapons with REVERSE colors.

Ponthieu blazon behaves three blue stripes on door (background) gold. The three blue stripes represent the three rivers County: Somme, Authie, Canche on the golden gate, gold representing fertility.

Abbeville has reversed these weapons thus have three gold stripes on blue door ... and not the other.

•The mouth

called "mouth" in a heraldic color enamel RED. This is why we always talk about gold stripes on door Azure edge face.

• The head of France

These three bands gold door Azure mouth border are topped with a blue stripe lily called "head of France '. It was added by Charles V in 1369 in recognition of the dedication of the city of Abbeville to the crown of France as the currency for which we will return later.

These lilies have been removed during the Revolution and re added to Abbeville shield as a "good city"

The title of "good city" is a dignity granted to 40 cities under the first empire by order of 23 April 1821. Among the 40 cities included Abbeville and Amiens. This honorary status grants the privilege town and protection by the King of France.

B. The complex

                                                                complex blazon 1

complex blazon 2

The basic coat of arms, there is a slight change in the shape of the shield, which then becomes a French crown of the thirteenth century.

To this is added:

           ◦La currency

SEMPER FIDELIS "always faithful" to the kingdom of France was added in 1369 by Charles V in recognition of the city's dedication to the crown.

          ◦La wreath of oak and holly ribbons

Oak is the most inseparable time of holly in the symbolic heraldry, holly symbolizes life and oak, strength and majesty. It sometimes happens to find laurel crowns, a symbol of victory.

          ◦La cordelière

This is the knotty cord that surrounds the shield. They are distinguished by their enamel and number of tassel (or glans) always triangular number (one, three, six, ten or fifteen) and positioned symmetrical way

Here are three in number on which are positioned the Military Cross and the Legion of Honour

The basic coat of arms, there is a slight change in the shape of the shield, which then becomes a French crown of the thirteenth century

•      ◦La mural crown

◦Elle is the traditional stamp of Commons, consisting of towers and walls, generally used to mean the autonomy of a free city. This privilege was granted by Napoleon.

The number of revolutions in general means the importance of the City, 3 for simple common, four for county seats and five for the capital. The set is generally masonry and the color or gold or silver. I have not yet solved the riddle of why our image ... had five rounds.

          ◦Les Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honor.

Abbeville had received the Military Cross in 1918, she was again summoned to the Order of the Army, receives the Military Cross in 1945 and was awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honour under Martyrdom City.

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