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Rouvroy was for a long time the only suburb (that is to say located extra-muros) with Thuyson to own a church. The first worthy of this name was built in 1528 on the site of an old chapel of the XIIIth century, when the face of Saint John the Baptist, discovered by the canon of Picquigny in 1206, was brought back from Constantinople to Amiens.

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The Rouvroy cemetery at that time was traditionally located around the church. Near the presbytery, in this cemetery rests Honoré-François Dequen, deputy of Abbeville at the National Convention, whose only son, Alexandre-Honore Dequen, was parish priest before being a priest at Saint Sepulcher and chaplain to the Carmelites until 1872, date of his death. The cemetery of Rouvroy was transferred to the end of the faubourg, street of the firing range, in the direction of Mareuil-Caubert in 1864.

The current church was built from 1898 to 1901, opened to worship in 1902. The clock is then located on the front of the bell tower. The two bells that were ringing in the old church were brought up in the church.

The events of 20 May 1940 seem not to have caused too much damage. Unfortunately, on February 3, 1943, a large bomb fell in front of the church. Its explosion strongly shakes the bell tower and breaks one of the bells.


Refuted 12 years later, "Renée Marie Gabrielle" replaces "Gabrielle Marguerite", victim of the bombings in 1955. His baptism takes place on November 17, 1957 in the presence of Monsignor Stourm, bishop of Amiens and the abbot Bouthors, priest of the parish.

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by Daniel_Bury 12/12/2017 09:01

Bonjour. Je me souviens bien du baptême de la nouvelle cloche inaugurée en «grandes pompes» le 17 Novembre 1957. J'étais enfant de chœur à l'époque de l'abbé Bouthors, un sacré bonhomme.

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