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Son of Bélizaire Prarond, owner, and Constance Laure Pannier, of fortunate origin, he studied law in Paris from 1839 to 1846. He then binds with literary lovers such as Gustave Le Vavasseur, Philippe de Chennevières and Charles Baudelaire With whom he writes for the theater
Back in Abbeville, after successfully passing his Doctor of Laws, he divides himself between his city and the capital where he has an apartment on rue de Tournon.
In Abbeville, he lives in the former hotel of the royal tapestry factory.
He made numerous trips with his wife, Adeline Lafontan: in the United States, Canada and England (1863); In the East, Greece and Italy (1865 and 1869); Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Russia (1881); In Algeria (1884).
In addition to his literary work, he devoted himself to the history of Abbeville, Ponthieu and Picardy. Thus he was a corresponding member of the Committee for Historical and Scientific Works, President (1866) and Honorary President (1879-1909) of the Société d'Emulation historique et littéraire d'Abbeville. From 1874 to 1909, he was a member of the Society of the History of Paris and the Ile-de-France.
He was named Rosati of Honor in 1892.
From the political point of view, he became a member of the General Council of the Somme and mayor of Abbeville (1883-1884).
He is decorated Knight of the Legion of Honor (1890).
He is a patron who helps promote the Abbeville Folk Library

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